SANO means “healthy, heal, cure, remedy, repair” in Latin.

It is also translated as “wholesome, undamaged, clean, soothing, pristine”.

SANO represents initials of our first names, from oldest to youngest.

Synergy of all these meanings creates SANOlifestyle:

healthy lifestyle prescribed by Mother Nature, backed up by science and to follow by us.

SANOlifestyle soaps are original and formulated to help restore,

rebalance and repair irritated skin naturally.

I am ex atopic dermatitis sufferer, my soaps are my saviours in long, depressing battle.

Our soaps are made with high quality virgin and cold pressed oils, butters

and botanicals sourced locally in Northland and NZ.

All handcrafted from scratch using traditional cold process method.

Made in small batches to maintain the highest quality.

Eco-friendly, zero waste, greywater safe - wrapped just in recycled kraft paper.


Free from palm oil, fillers, stabilizers, hardeners, artificial coloring and fragrances.