Hi, my name is Ala and I am owner and creator of SANOlifestyle soaps.

My journey with soap making has started a few years ago when I was very ill. We have serious eczema cases in my family. My skin is prone to atopic dermatitis as it is extra sensitive and very dry. A few years ago, I was battling super acute nummular eczema and I was struggling to find anything to soothe itch, dryness and discomfort on my skin. It was nightmare... I have started to use more and more extra virgin avocado and olive oils on my skin straight from bottles - after a few weeks...bliss...some relieve, skin started to feel softer and calmer. That was a trigger to find out how to use these wonderful oils in my beauty routine...

Initially I was making tiny soap batches just for myself and around a couple years ago, I made my first range of rustic soaps for sale to support local Whangarei community group fundraiser...and this is how its all started. Plus, I haven't had eczema back since...

SANOlifestyle soaps are original and formulated to help restore, rebalance and repair irritated and dry skin naturally. Our soaps are AS NATURAL AS THEY CAN BE - made with high quality edible, virgin and cold pressed oils, butters and botanicals sourced locally in Northland and NZ. All handcrafted from scratch using traditional cold process method and made in small batches to maintain the highest quality. Our products are sustainable, eco-friendly, zero waste and grey water safe.

SANO represents initials of our family first names, from oldest to youngest.

SANO means “healthy, heal, cure, remedy, repair” in Latin. It is also translated as “wholesome, undamaged, clean, soothing, pristine”.

Synergy of all these meanings creates SANOlifestyle: healthy, holistic and sustainable living.


"Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" - "A sound mind in a sound body"