Swamp Kauri Soap Dish

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stunning, handmade soap dishes



It is known that thousands of years ago northern New Zealand was covered in giant Kauri forests some of which became buried in the wetlands or swamps.

There are a couple of theories around how these forests came to be buried.

One theory is that as catastrophic events hit (earthquake, tsunami) the kauri fell and were submerged in the swamps where they were preserved due to the absence of oxygen.

A more recent science-based theory is that the felling of the trees was a much gentler event, as most trees remain intact and some even have leaves still attached, this would not be the case in the event of a violent felling.

Carbon dating shows that the felling of the trees has some relation to periods of natural global warming.

Kauri are a shallow rooted tree and it is thought that in periods of warming water levels rose undermining the stability of the trees causing them to become unstable and fall.  

As the swamps were drained many thousands of years later the kauri came closer to the surface and is now recovered.

The timber used to make this handcrafted product was recovered from these swamps.

Samples of Swamp kauri recovered from this region have been carbon dated to a range of ages from 3,000 up to 60,000 years and is said to be the oldest workable timber in the world.