Meet the Maker

Hi! My name is Chloe, owner and maker here at SANOlifestlye.

Soap for hair. Who would have thought? I first started using soap to wash my hair when looking for a plastic-free alternative to traditional shampoo and body wash. One week into using SANOlifestyle soap, I was hooked! It is made using natural ingredients, smells amazing, has no plastic bottle, and most of all feels wonderful on my skin and hair. One bar for the whole body. What more could you want?

Ala Szostek is the creator of SANOlifestyle. After struggling with eczema, she found applying extra virgin avocado and olive oils to her skin was the best relief to the itch, dryness and discomfort. Now to figure out how to incorporate these into her skincare routine. It started as a few small batches of soap for herself and family. And then everything grew from there! Now there is a whole range of soap suitable for all different skin and hair types.

When the opportunity came along for me to become the owner of SANOlifestyle, I jumped at it. I had known Ala for some time at that point and was a massive fan of the soaps. I have always loved making, baking, and creating, and learning to make soap has been an exciting new adventure. I am lucky to have support in my new adventure of a great network of local businesswomen, especially my wonderful mother. Handcrafting natural soaps fits perfectly with my desire to live low waste and reduce my impact on our planet. Every day working in the soap studio is filled with beautiful sights and scents. Nature provides us with a wealth of beautiful ingredients and I love using them to create delightful and decadent skincare products.