Eco Range Everyday Soaps

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A little collection of eco-friendly soaps. Nothing goes to waste here, every offcut and shaving is repurposed and reused.  


ROSE & CHARCOAL - everyday mild and moisturizing soap enriched with rose and charcoal confetti and organic coconut cream, gently scented with pink grapefruit and palmarosa. Charcoal is a great cleaner, attracting dirt and washing it away. Coconut cream makes for a gentler, creamier bar. A perfect top to toe bar.

Ingredients: saponified oils (rice bran, olive and coconut), rose confetti, charcoal confetti, organic coconut cream, charcoal powder, pink grapefruit and palmarosa essential oils

EUCALYPTUS & MINT SCRUB - a superb everyday soap packed with poppy seeds and pumice powder. Scented with eucalyptus and mint essential oils for a relaxing and reinvigoration clean. The perfect scrubby clean for hard working hands.

Ingredients: saponified oils (rice bran, olive, and coconut), confetti, spinach powder, eucalyptus and mint essential oils


SWEET VANILLA - everyday super gentle and mild soap enriched with coco vanilla soap pieces. A perfect everyday treat for your skin top to toe bar.

Ingredients: saponified oils (avocado, olive and coconut), coco vanilla soaps confettti, cocoa powder, benzoin essential oil.