All Natural Handmade Soaps

SANOlifestyle soaps are formulated to soothe dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin. Often eczema appears all over the body, including face and scalp. I was struggling to find soothing wash which would be suitable top to toe, so I created my own.

Traditional products to suit modern lifestyle - just one bar for healthy skin, shiny hair and glowing complection. Eco-friendly, plastic free and zero waste solution for anyone.

Single soap bar replaces a few bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face cleaner.

Each soap in my collection is safe and suitable for Face, Body and Hair. Despite some stigma around using soap on hair I encourage you to try some of my soaps on your hair (natural or processed) and you may be nicely surprised that actually THAT soap works beautifully for your hair too.

Due to residual chemicals from commercial shampoos, conditioners and styling products, the transition phase can take up to few weeks (six to eight) as your hair adjusts and production of your natural oils balancing out. It is very normal to experience a quite a few bad hair days and have lanky, heavy, greasy feel hair at first. When this pass, you will never look back to the old way of washing your hair! TRUST me! Using an apple cider vinegar rinse can help detangle longer hair in early stage of transition (1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar to 1 L of warm water, rinse, massage and rinse with cooler water). Personally, it took about a month until my hair felt normal again and now I don’t use conditioner or apple cider rinse and my hair is soft and shiny.  However, the results will vary from person to person.